There is a Registration Charge of £15 per year per User Group, or Private Individual.

Deposits and Insurance Excess

Private Individuals will have to pay a £200 deposit, fully refundable provided the vehicle is returned clean and has not been in an accident, or had a windscreen replacement.

Community Groups or Charities, who are regular users, will not have to pay the £200 deposit but will still be liable to pay any excess if applicable.

For all users, £50 will be charged for vehicles left in a dirty condition and a £150 excess applies to accidents or windscreen breakages, regardless of fault. For Private Individuals this will be deducted from the deposit. The £150 excess will be refunded if and when insurers are able to reclaim from a third party. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Usage Charges

Journeys under 100 miles: £1.54 per mile inclusive of diesel, with a minimum usage charge of £6 per hour, or part thereof.

Two examples:-
• A journey of 12 miles over five hours would cost £30 (£1.76 per person). This is made up of 12 x £1.54 =£18.48, but because the charge is less than the minimum usage charge the cost is £30.

• A journey of 50 miles over three hours would cost £77 (£4.53 per person). This is made up of 50 x £1.54 =£77. The charging rate is greater than the minimum usage charge of 3 x £6, so is applicable.

Journeys over 100 miles: The first 100 miles £1.54 per mile, all additional miles chargeable at £0.35 per mile. The rates are inclusive of diesel. If diesel is purchased please present us with a VAT receipt from the garage and we will either reimburse you, or deduct it from the hire fee.

For trips lasting longer than 24 hours please contact us and we will issue a quotation based on distance and the amount of time the vehicle will be in use.

Please ensure that the minibus is left clean inside. If the vehicle is hired for more than one day it must also be cleaned outside before return.

The Trustees of Emmanuel Community Projects reserve the right to refuse to hire out the minibus to any user group, or individual, who in their opinion present a higher than normal risk to the bus.